Taking The Wild Out Of The Wild Animals – Impacts And Reasons To Save Wildlife

Taking the wild out of the wild animals – It is no secret or surprise that mankind is having a negative impact on the planet. The ever-increasing industrialization of the land, destruction of natural landscapes, pollution, the draining of natural resources, tourism and hunting are all weighing heavily on Mother Nature and having an irreversible effect on wildlife.

We have also not helped matters by intentionally enforcing our ideas and standards onto wild animals. Therefore, by moving native animals into non-native environments and encouraging abnormal cross-breeding, our own desires and opinions have resulted in us taking the wind out of the wild animals.


Domesticated Animals – Donkey, Dog, Cat, and Rooster


Why Do We Need Wild Animals?

Aside from wild animals having a right to roam the planet, their existence has a more ingrained importance than just that.

  • Biodiversity: By allowing the extinction of wild animals to occur, it is not just the loss of that animal that happens. All humans, plants, and animals exist through a complex web of connections. Hence, any wild animal or creature dropping out of the system this can have a monumental impact on the food chain, the ecosystem and this can result in further loss of life.
  • We can learn so much from wild animals and continue to learn so much from them. Whilst we more often than not turn to synthetic medicines to cure illness, even those medicines come from, or inspired by, our surrounding wildlife. For example:
  • Leeches can be used to clean blood and stop clotting
  • Viper venom can help control blood pressure
  • Lizard secretions are being trailed to aid diabetes
  • Scorpion venom is being used in the research for types of cancer
  • By taking responsibility for the well-being of wild animals now we can ensure that we pass the beauty of the plant on to future generations without it being further compromised
  • Our lives are indistinguishable from nature. Our main food sources, energy, textiles, and materials have all been developed from what the land gave us. By recklessly removing wild animals from their own natural habitats we are enabling a change in how nature functions which can be detrimental

Domesticated Animals – Cat and Dog


What Can We Do To Stop Taking The Wild Out Of The Wild Animals

  • Enforce conservation laws and the conservation of natural habitats: stop the intentional removal of wild animals from their natural habitats and encourage the breeding of already contained animals to prevent further impact on numbers
  • Ban Hunting and the development of hunting weapons
  • Encourage reforestation
  • Focus on the regeneration of depleted natural reserves and corrupted landscapes
  • Allow wild animals to have space – discourage further taking of natural lands for human use. Encourage the utilization of the space we already have
  • Further strategies and efforts for the conservation of endangered species need to be put in place
  • Prevent pollution and improve waste management. Reduce, reuse and recycle!
  • Encourage sustainability through the use of more natural products and natural living
  • Educate children from an early age that taking the wild out of the wild animals has irreversible effects. Endangered is forever.

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