Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Gadgets Clean

Keep Your Gadgets Clean! Consider the daily life of your phone: it travels wherever you go, gets put on tables and surfaces when you are out and about. You may hand it to others to take photos, or to children to play on games or apps. You may use it to read a recipe while cooking or scroll through while having food or you may even take it to the toilet.

Your phone will come into contact with countless germs, bacteria and dirt on an hourly basis. But how often do you consider cleaning this well-utilized and fundamental device?

The same applies to your PC’s, laptops, iPad, iPod, smartwatches to name but a few.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should keep your gadgets clean

1. Infections

Research has indicated that a mobile phone can be coated in 10 times more germs than a toilet seat [1]. A computer can have 3000 miscellaneous organisms per square inch and your computer mouse can house 1600 particles of bacteria. These germs can be transferred to the hands, eyes, face, and ears which can result in bacterial infections.


2. Stomach Bugs

Stomach upset, or QWERTY Tummy as it is also known, can be caused by the using of contaminated keyboards and then transferring the germs to your mouth causing stomach ache. Severe cases can result in gastrointestinal infections, cramping, pain, the passing of blood or mucus. Consider cleaning your PC on a regular basis or you might as well be eating off a lavatory seat.


3. Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are an integral and vital reason why you should keep your gadgets clean. By not cleaning your computer effectively and regularly dust can degrade the performance of your machine, causing heat build up and therefore the potential for causing fires. Ensure that you pay attention to cleaning the computer fans often to combat the risk of this.

4. Dust and Allergies

Most people know that dust is effectively made up of dead skin cells. However other elements included within dust can be toxic byproducts from nicotine, insect parts, mold spores, viral particles and feces from dust mites. Allowing dust to settle on your gadgets can result in you inhaling or wiping these contaminants onto your eyes, mouth, and nose. This can inflame already existing allergies, asthma, cause eye irritation or chest problems.

5. Pets

If you own a cat you will understand the odd magnetism between your beloved puss and them sitting on your keyboard!! Aside from this being counterproductive to your working life, animals can carry a plethora of germs on their feet and bodies which can rub off on your gadgets – think feces that they may have walked in which can carry Toxoplasmosis, Salmonella, and worms. As innocuous as they may seem, pets are a very important reason for why you should keep your gadgets clean.


6. Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Taking consideration about your choice of cleaning products is an important task too. When slathering your gadgets with proprietary cleaners you could be making yourself vulnerable to the toxins they may contain. Exposure to certain toxins can exacerbate respiratory problems, dermatitis and some can even have an impact on sperm count and reproductive efficiency. So if you are cleaning – use natural products where possible. Here’s more on how to clean your gadgets.

7. Habits

The absent-minded habit of taking your phone to the toilet is an unsuspecting nightmare in terms of germs and health. Consider that you are touching toilet doors, toilet handles and seats and then your phone. Any bacteria picked up within the toilet can be transferred onto your device which then can have direct access to your hands, face, mouth, nose, and ears. This can leave you exposed to conditions such as Salmonella and E. Coli.

8. Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Ear-bud headphones can carry a plethora of germs and dirt which can spell no end of trouble if you are inserting them into your ears. Due to the connection between the ear, nose, and throat – an ear infection has the potential to cause problems within the sinus area or tonsils. Avoid sharing headphones where possible and clean them before and after every use to be safe. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or makeup remover wipe. Any inner ear issues can also result in the build-up of fluid – the pressure of which can rupture eardrums which is another integral reason why you should keep your gadgets clean!

9. Dirty Isn’t Smart

Smartwatches are in the optimum position to be collecting a plethora of grime. Exposed to the elements and any passing bacteria, being touched during use, not to mention the strap also collects sweat and dead skin cells. Ensure frequent and thorough cleaning, especially of the strap, to prevent issues such as skin infections or contact dermatitis.

10. Peace Of Mind

Just by making a quick wipe over of your tech habitual, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are not at risk –  and you can not put a price on the comfort of that.


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